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Medical Trust Scholarships and Grants

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The Trust has developed a disbursement programme to allocate funding to specific programmes and general grants.

This funding places emphasis on continuing staff education, but also equipment to improve efficiency and health outcomes.

Funding comes from the Trust’s investments and supports the hospital in areas where there is no government funding allocated.

The disbursement programme is as follows:

  • Annual Junior Medical Trust Prize
  • Annual Nursing Scholarships
  • Annual Visitor – Medical
  • Annual Nursing Research Trust Prize
  • Annual Travelling Nursing Scholarship
  • Annual Travelling Medical Fellowship
  • General Grants

Recent Grants

Grants throughout the year include the following:

  • Staff attendance at the International Health Round Table Conference
  • Staff attendance at the International Society of thrombosis/Haemostasis
  • The purchase of lazyboy chairs as part of the Mahi Tahi programme

A number of payments have been made to support staff undertaking tertiary studies.

  • The Medical prize was awarded to Dr Edward Lo
  • Mandy Bevan & Ingrid Foss received Nursing Research awards
  • Nicole Mio, Rachel Jury, Flick Lang, Jen Green & Kelly Gao received Midwifery Research awards


Please Note:

  • Hospital staff can access detailed information on each of the above programme categories by accessing Palmerston North Hospital Medical Trust information from the MDHB Staff Intranet under "Support Information & Resources" or search for "Palmerston North Hospital Medical Trust". Terms and conditions, criteria, forms, dates, etc are available on that site.
  • Applications (must be six copies) need to be submitted to the secretary two (2) weeks prior to the next scheduled Trustees’ Meeting; (refer to the Contact Us page.

Patient Welfare - Staff Education

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